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Thank you for contributing to Journal of Morphological Sciences. Please read the instructions carefully and observe all the directions given. In doing so, you will speed up the process of publishing your article. Only a digital copy of your manuscript will be considered. Hard copy submissions are not accepted. After preparing your manuscript following the guidelines provided below, please submit your manuscript to the e-mail:


Journal of Morphological Sciences is the official journal of the Brazilian Society of Anatomy and the Panamerican Association of Anatomists.


Areas of interest: The Journal of Morphological Sciences covers all aspects of morphology including macroscopic and microscopic human and animal anatomies; the history of morphological sciences; morphology and arts; education in morphology; techniques for the study of morphology; clinical and applied anatomy; compared morphology; pathological anatomy; anatomy and anthropology; embryology, cell biology, neuroanatomy and neurosciences, radiologic anatomy, and morphology applied to all other sciences. Also, Journal of Morphological Sciences includes functional morphology, animal development, as well as all levels of structural organization from the submicroscopic to macroscopic levels, including comparative anatomy and in vitro systems.


Types of articles: Original research, Review, Mini-review, Short communication, and Case report. Letter to the editor, comments on an article, and editorials are also welcome but usually on an invitation basis.


Periodicity: It publishes four issues per year. From 2020 on, the Journal of Morphological Sciences will be published continuously.


Language:  Exclusively in English.


Journal indexing: This journal is currently indexed in the following databases: Scopus, LILACS (Latin American and Caribbean Health Science Literature), IMLA (Index Medicus Latino-Americano), Veterinary Science Database, CAB Abstracts, CAB Health e BIOSIS (Biological Abstracts and Zoological Record), EBSCO and ProQuest.


Author charges: This journal implements a Pay What You Want model. This means that once your manuscript has been accepted for publication and it comes to paying the processing fee, you decide how much to pay. We suggest starting at $100 USD. In order to proceed with your payment please navigate to the Publishing Fees and Payment tab in the menu and follow the instructions. 

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